The basic VATOR variant can be assembled from a set of parts designed for the VATOR ML60-3 drive and power unit. It enables pulling, pushing and carrying of passive or active accessories. The result is a VATOR tractor, manually controlled in a simple way. Wheel discs with rough-tread tyres are mounted on the wheel axles via free-wheel clutches to achieve the proper traction. The front tool carrier is inserted in the front part of the power unit and attached to the service support. The machine thus assembled is an efficient solution for most activities related to soil cultivation, management of land and hard surfaces or forest and orchard works. Alternatively, it can be used for any other work where the appropriate traction force and capability provided by the continuous shifting while driving can be utilised.

5.00-12 WHEELS


Mounting these robust V-shaped tread wheels on the cultivator power unit gives you a multifunctional pedestrian-controlled tractor. The left and right wheels are supplied as a pair on a disc, but to mount them it is necessary to buy WHEEL AXLES VAT-OK-0101 and also FREE-WHEEL CLUTCHES VAT-VK-0101.



Free-wheel clutches are special discs designed for 5.00-8 wheels. Their function is to allow the cultivator wheels to rotate in the direction of rotation while maintaining torque transmission. This compensates for the different speeds of the cultivator wheels when turning and allows easier handling of the machine when working and moving with the engine stationary. The free-wheel clutches are sold in pairs – left and right. Each part contains a mode selector which can be used to select one of the four travel modes (the same mode should always be set for both parts). The selected position is indicated by the straight part of the control lug – the “thumb”. It is mounted in the place of the standard supplied hubs.

Operating modes:

FORWARD – The wheels only engage in forward motion, reverse motion is idling without engagement.

Examples of use: driving mainly forward on paved roads or on hard surfaces where easy turning and easy handling are required (driving with a braked trolley, working with accessories in easy terrain on paved ground). Attention! When driving downhill, the engine braking is impossible!

DISENGAGED – free rotation of wheels in forward and reverse directions.

Examples of use: easy handling of the machine without the engine running. Handling the cultivator with the engine switched off has been strenuous so far due to the resistance of the gearbox and belts. In this position, the resistance is quite minimal. ATTENTION! When driving downhill, the engine braking is impossible!

LOCK – a fixed locking of the wheels with the gearbox when both wheels are engaged simultaneously when driving forward and reversing. Examples of use: driving on more difficult or hilly terrain, driving downhill (engine braking), driving with the need to frequently change the driving direction (forward or reverse). For example, driving with non-braked or poorly braked trolley, working with accessories in difficult terrain (ploughing, snow clearance, mowing on slopes, etc.).

REVERSE – wheels only engage when reversing, forward movement is idling without engagement
Examples of use: the same as in the FORWARD mode, except that reversing is predominant. When driving downhill, the engine braking is impossible!



are an essential component for mounting the 5.00-8 WHEEL and serve to transfer the driving force from the output countershaft of the cultivator. Supplied in pairs.



Primarily used to attach front-mounted accessories, such as a drum mower, hay tedder or snow plough. Secondarily, it is widely used for carrying weights, which significantly increases the VATOR traction in hard terrain.



The service support makes it much easier for the VATOR operator to change the accessories and shut down the machine. When working in rugged terrain, it also serves as a bumper to protect the machine from possible damage.

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