Jiří Vaněk firm based in Ostrava has been supplying sheet metal semi-finished products to Kulti s.r.o. for the production of cultivators for 27 years. Mountfield has successfully sold more than 70,000 units in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in that period of time. These were very reliable machines, many of them being in service to date.

However, the sales success slowed down the need to develop cultivators. The entire production was taken over by Jiří Vaněk s.r.o. in 2020, along with the fundamental requirement for the change of the utility characteristics. Extensive innovation was made before the mass production began. This includes modifications to the support frame for the new engine and different handlebars, the possibility of installing a mobile service and parking supports, modification of the front rack for universal use of accessories and a lot of other minor changes. However, the addition of the third gear and, most importantly, the ability to shift smoothly while driving are essential. These changes came along with the VATOR name.

The comfort of the VATOR’s continuous shifting while driving is unique in this category of multifunctional pedestrian-controlled tractors. The user will greatly appreciate this feature not only when working in the fields and meadows, but especially when driving with a fully loaded trolley. The VATOR’s shifting mechanism uses a simple and time-tested belt transmission as a base, which allows for continuous acceleration and deceleration as needed in rugged and variable terrain.

VATOR can be a very useful helper thanks to the variability of its accessories and the power of the motor. It can be used all year long in gardens, fields, meadows, forests or in the facilities of companies and municipalities.

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