The ability to shift continuously while driving is unique to this type of a pedestrian-controlled tractor. VATOR makes very ingenious use of the historically well-known and proven torque transmission properties of V-belts.

The gears are shifted by moving tthe selector lever on the handlebar and the gradual tensioning the belt then transfers the torque to the belt pulley. The belts are sheathed in a special fabric, allowing controlled slip when starting or shifting. In this way, they actually perfectly substitute the function of the clutch which we know from classic gearboxes.

The VATOR’s gear shifting is set by the operator in advance, according to the expected terrain or the activity to be performed, using the lever on the selector which moves the gear shift mechanism in the shifter. The actual change occurs automatically with a delay only when the operator releases and repeatedly presses the VATOR drive lever. The principle of V-belt operation described above allows you to select gears without having to stop and enables you to accelerate and decelerate smoothly and safely, especially when driving with a trolley. It is simple, smart and easy. And mainly addictive!

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